5 Reasons Why Custom Pet Portraits are Great Gifts

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Pets are part of the family. They are there to comfort when you’re feeling down and there to celebrate when you’re happy. It is easy to say pets hold a special place in our hearts and homes. This is why you are considering a custom pet portrait.

They show how special these furry friends are. But there are some things to look out for when considering which type of personalized pet art to buy.

Before we get into that let’s go over reasons why framed pet portraits rock!


Why Custom Pet Portraits Rock!

1. Custom pet canvases are stunning! I mean come on, who can say it isn’t worth the wall space???

Custom Cat Pet Portrait
  1. Royal pet portraits are a conversation starter. I can’t believe how many people comment on these. Everybody loves them. You’ll have fun sharing all about your beloved pet.
  2. This brings me to pet portraits are GREAT GIFTS!!!! People love their dogs and their cats. If you have a pet lover in the family this should be their Christmas or birthday present. Their reaction will be priceless.
  3. Custom portraits help people deal with the loss of a pet. The death of a pet is never easy, and it takes time to heal. Pet portraits can help them remember the good times. My mom loves looking at the ones we did for her and it brings a smile to her face every time she sees them.
  4. A high-quality pet portrait of your pet is a perfect way to let everyone know you love your pets.

Well, that was fun! Now let’s look at things to consider before buying a custom pet portrait.

I will list them here and then we will take a closer look at each one below.

Woman Placing Custom Animal Portrait on Wall

Things to consider:

  • Style of the pet portrait
  • Quality vs. price
  • Attention to detail
  • What they offer
  • Selecting the perfect image of your pet

Let’s take a closer look at these items so you can get the best custom pet portrait.


Style of Pet Portrait

There are many different types of pet portraits you can have commissioned. The more popular ones are royal pet portraits and pet photography. Other types are pop art pet portraits and traditional pet portraits.

The quirkiness of the royal and renaissance pet portraits makes people talk. They are a show stopper and a conversation piece. Pets have personality and many of them act like they own the place. Royal pet portrait conveys this so well. This is why renaissance and royal pet portraits are so popular.

3 Custom Pet Portraits

Styles like traditional pet photography are nice but it won’t get people talking. They will look at it and that’s it. Pop art pet portraits seem to lose the personality of the pets in a vivid display of color. It becomes more about the style than the subject.

In the end, it all comes down to personal preferences. For me, it is all about the Royal Pet Portraits and Renaissance Pet Portraits. They are playful, unique, and convey personality well.


Quality vs Price

Many places offer cheap pet portraits or say they are the best pet portraits. I have never been one to go for cheap.

Cheap means well, cheap!

Pet portraits that are cheap cut corners and provide a subpar product that is not built to last. Items we thought were cheap often becomes more expensive because it breaks, wears out, or fades.

Worst of all cheap pet portraits won’t be something that looks good hanging on a wall. Cheap ends up in the trash or buried in the closet.

Do yourself a favor don’t go for cheap.

Example of a Cheap Custom Pet Portrait

Cheap Pet Portrait

Color Doesn’t Match, Edges are Sharp, Lighting is Wrong, Looks Pasted On. 

Example of a Quality Custom Pet Portrait

Quality Custom Pet Art

Color Match, Edges are Well Blended, Lighting is Consistent, Looks Natural. 

Value is where your priority should lie. Get something that is a good value.

What makes a custom dog portrait a good value?

I am glad you asked!


Attention to Detail

First the quality of the artwork. Select an artist with good lighting, technique, and works on high-resolution images. Attention to detail is key!

Here are things to look for:

  1. The lighting matches the original painting.
  2. Shadows are realistic and painted in.
  3. The edges of the Pet Portrait look natural and smooth.
  4. The file is large enough to handle high-quality printing.
  5. The color of the pet portrait matches and blends into the painting.
  6. Printing using archival inks and has a UV protection layer.
  7. Prints are color calibrated to ensure color depth and vibrance.
  8. The artist provides a round of revisions. (They are willing to take criticism and make changes)

Look at customer reviews if possible. Listing photos will look incredible but sometimes photos from actual customers don’t. Make sure to check.

Next, make sure the artist offers what you want in the timeframe you need.

Some artists take 5-7 business days to complete the digital file and another week or so for printing. So, after shipping, it could be 3-4 weeks before your product arrives. Others offer fast turn around of the digital files, such as within 24 hours. Make sure the timeframe fits your needs.

Many places offer either prints or a digital file you can print yourself. The best is when they offer both. Some also separate the digital and the print, meaning if you want both you have to pay for both. I find it best to offer the digital file with the sale of any print or the option to buy only the file.


Photo Selection 

The hard part is over! All that remains is photo selection. Remember the better the photo the better your custom pet portrait will turn out. Guidelines for Selecting the Perfect Photo

Bad Examples

The subject is too small

Too harsh of shadows

The subject is out of focus

The angle is too high

Good Example

  • Clear – The image is sharp and not blurry  and has no filters (the larger the better)
  • Make sure your furry friend fills the frame
  • No harsh shadows – no shadows allows the artist to match lighting and will make for a better final product
  • Shows personality – offers a good resemblance and shows who they are
  • Correct perspective – get down on their level to take the photo
  • Send more than one image to the artist and let them select the best one.


Whoa! That was quite the process. The only thing to do sit back and relax. Your amazing unique royal pet portrait is on its way.

I wish I was there to see your reaction when it arrives! Let’s recap!

  1. Custom Animal Portraits Rock!
  2. Select a Style You Like
  3. Look for Value not Cheap
  4. See What the Artist Offers
  5. Select Photos and Send Them
  6. Wait & Enjoy!

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